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Casa padronale

We look forward to host you for a tasting and to show you our unique sculpture garden.


Art at Nittardi


The strong relationship between wine and art goes back to the previous owner Michelangelo Buonarroti.




Our wines, produced only with selected estate grapes, bear the prestigious signature of Carlo Ferrini.



Friday 24 April 2015

Ciao Virgilio.

It has been a sad week at Nittardi. Being 95 Virgilio just renewed his driving license so that he could drive around in his little 4x4 searching for mushrooms and taking care of his vegetable garden...

Peter Femfert 2009 Art label
Tuesday 7 April 2015

Peter and Nittardi in Sommelier India

Very nice article by Michel Shah on Tuscan Wine with an in depth interview with Peter Femfert. 

Leon, Antonio, Peter and Giorgio
Monday 9 March 2015

Prowein & VinItaly 2015

As every year we will be at the two major european wine fairs: Giorgio, Jasmin, Leon and Peter Femfert look forward to meet you at ProWein from the 15-17.03 in...

Nittardini low
Wednesday 28 January 2015


There are the Nittardiani, those who know the many-sided, relaxing charms of a holiday at Nittardi. And there are also the Nittardini, our little guests — and this summer there's something new here...