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The Olive Oil Harvest 2013

The Olive Oil harvest 2013 has been challenging due to bizarre weather conditions, especially from the end of the summer onwards.

The beginning of the autumn was characterized by unusual strong rain and higher than average temperatures. Normally it is good to have a wave of cold weather before the harvest. This didn’t happen and obviously we were concerned, but the first results showed that our concerns were unjustified.

We started to pick the Olives (variety Frantoio) on the 28.10 at 8.00 AM at Nittardi and already at 12.30 we tried the first oil at the oil mill Torre Bianca in San Casciano Val di Pesa. This oil mill is known as one of the best boutique-mills in Italy, thanks to very professional staff and high-tech machines. The first tasting was mind-blowing: outstanding olive oil with intriguing aromas and a beautiful texture.

Mario picking Olives

Mario picking Olives

The next day we harvested more Olives and pressed them at the Oil-Mill Franci in Montenero d’Orcia. This oil mill is internationally recognized as one of the best oil-mills worldwide. Tasting experienced taster Lucia and Giorgio Franci confirmed that our olives orchards produced also this year outstanding Olive Oil.



In the following days we harvested – as always by hand – the varieties Correggiolo and later on Moraiolo. We finished the harvest at the 10th of November.




We believe that this year harvest was such a big success because we took care of many small details:

Domenico & Mario

–       We worked with two of the best olive oil mills in Italy: Torre Bianca and Franci.

–       All the Olives were strictly harvested by hand, eliminating all the leaves and little branches.

–       All the Olives were transported in cases of max. 15 kg avoiding excessive pressure and bruising of the olives.

–       All the Olives were pressed within four hours after the harvest.

–       Once we pressed the oil we avoided strictly any kind of oxygen contact and bottled it immediately to avoid        oxidation.


Antonio Spurio

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