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The new “BEN” Vermentino Doc Maremma 2020

We have the pleasure to present the new “BEN” Vermentino Doc Maremma Toscana Bianco Biologico 2020. 

BEN is made 100% from Vermentino, an indigenous Tuscan grape variety, today well known along the whole Mediterranean coast.

Vermentino grapes from Pomona Italiana illustration

The origin of Vermentino grapes is still uncertain, but all we know is that it has a maritime soul. It grows perfectly in our ancient sandstone rocks soils, near the seaside with mild temperature, copious sunlight and sea air rich in salt.

The grapes’ growing conditions in 2020 were very good. Spring and summer allowed the grapes to ripen in an excellent way. Everything looked perfect besides the lack of rain, that finally arrived just right on the finish-line, in mid-September!

In a few days, every sign of water stress vanished, the grapes finished their ripening. The grapes harvested were very healthy and perfectly ripe, with even more lively acidity than we imagined!

The vintage 2020 will be a year that the whole world will remember, but we would like to remember it for the great teamwork done and for a great harvest, “won on the finish line”. Just Bottled…..

Let’s have a toast with Ben 2020!