Belcanto – the new Chianti Classico of Nittardi

17/11/2014 Spirited

Belcanto is the name of the newest wine from Nittardi: a Chianti Classico created from an extraordinary cuvée of eight typical grape varietals of the Chianti Classico region.

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Belcanto owes its genesis to the discovery of an old vineyard at Villa Rosa, located close to Castellina in Chianti. Here in 1968, at an altitude of 270 meters, alongside Sangiovese a variety of other largely forgotten grape varietals were planted: Malvasia Nera, Ciliegiolo, Mammolo, Colorino, Foglia Tonda and Pugnitello.

Over the past years we have tended and nursed this vineyard with meticulous care and, in 2012, for the first time, the grapes were ready for a careful harvest by hand. The subsequent blend with Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes from the Nittardi vineyards has resulted in a Chianti Classico cuvée with a classically modern profile, one which is already pleasant and enjoyable when young and that offers fascinatingly round tannins and a lively freshness. The color is between red to violet, the nose is full of expressive cherry and raspberry notes, while the palate has juicy tannins and a long finish in which everything merges together into a contrapuntal melody like that of the harmonic singing of a choir.

Hence, the choice of name and label:

In the world of music, Belcanto represents the melodious euphony displayed by a complete work. In regard to the latest wine creation of Nittardi, Belcanto personifies the polyphony of fragrances and tastes, a virtuoso harmony from which each and every individual note can be clearly discerned. Belcanto also echoes the adage of the great wine critic Luigi Veronelli: “Wine is the earth’s hymn to the heavens.” In every way, Belcanto is the fitting name for Nittardi’s newest composition.

The label refers to the history and terroir of the wine: eight pebbles in the colors of the gray galestro soil and the typically red color tone of Chianti Classico – like the eight notes of the scale and the eight grape varietals of Belcanto. And looking out from this mosaic of eight pebbles, the face of the great wine lover and historic owner of Nittardi: the Italian master painter and archetypical “Renaissance Man”, Michelangelo Buonarroti.



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