Casanuova di Nittardi 2018 available now

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20/01/2021 Spirited

Casanuova di Nittardi 2018, Chianti Classico, Vigna Doghessa – for the 38th time with a new artist label and wrapping paper – is now available.


The Nittardi collection of international artists who have adorned this wine for almost four decades, including Hundertwasser, Günter Grass, Dario Fo, Tomi Ungerer, Yoko Ono, was honored this time by the German painter Johannes Heisig, representative of the Leipzig painter dynasty.

Heisig, born in 1953, is not looking for the superficial, often cheesy-looking “beauty”, but rather digs for something deeper, often difficult, for a truth, something that could perhaps be called a “beauty of the inside”. The artist is a sensitive observer of the world who became internationally famous as a “human painter”. His iconic portraits of personalities such as Willy Brandt made art history. His canvases are moved by dense, pasty shades of color, passionate brushstrokes that become figures that move, dance, float, fly.

For Casanuova di Nittardi 2018, too, he brought the figure to the fore on the label. The labelDie dunkle Verführung (The Dark Seduction)” represents a Bacchus crowned with olive leaves. He hands to the muse Sybille a glass of wine that seems to induce an ecstasy in her. The wrapping paper with the title “ Das Chianti Land (The Chianti Land)” that wraps the bottle is a hymn of love to the earth and the gnarled vines with deep roots that wait firmly on the stony ground and defy every storm.

The earth, the culture and work that can give joy and presents.

This wonderful Chianti Classico was already rated by the Italian wine pope Daniele Cernilli with 95 points and by Falstaff with 94 points.

A wine with clear lines, from the single vineyard Vigna Doghessa, 450m high, with a soft texture, aromatic Sangiovese richness that beguiles, delights and, in a soft whisper, reminds us of how nice it is to be part of this earth and maybe even us, like Heisig’s Sybille, gives a little ecstasy.

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