Great ranking for our Nittardi Riserva 2010 in Decanter

28/08/2014 Spirited

Our current Chianti Classico Nittardi Riserva 2010 received a great ranking in Decanter: 18/20 point or 93 points. It was rated the second best Riserva of the whole tasting.

Recently we tried different Nittardi Riservas from the late 90s, 1997 a great vintage is know at its peak, really great balance now. 1998 has a beautiful developed nose, with notes of leather, mushrooms and under-forest while the palate is very alive with great fruit notes and very lively and grippy tannins. 1999 has lots of class and elegance. Even with 15 years on its shoulders it is not fully developed yet and has a few good years ahead. This bottle shows one more time how well good Sangiovese can age. However 1998 was the winner of this interesting trio.





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