New sculpture at Nittardi by Riccardo Cordero

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24/06/2016 Spirited

The Sculpture Garden at Nittardi has gladly welcomed a new piece. Riccardo Cordero, an experimental artist in the field of raw materials and forms, born in Cuneo in 1942, has created Punto Vitale (vital spot) for Nittardi. His newest work is made in Corten and aims at melting space and form through the geometrical shape of the circle – an element which, as Cordero himself pointed out, «allows the artist to create archs – archs in tension. It’s the tension inside the sculpture that interests me the most, and I think that, through the circle, one can reach that tension at its maximum».

Riccardo Cordero

Riccardo Cordero


Placed in front of the hill side, facing the vineyards, Punto Vitale seems to connect perfectly with the surrounding landscape by fusing space and form and by producing visual effects that connect steel and countryside in a symbiotic bond. Cordero’s scultpure is a dynamic subject, whose “vital spot” can be identified with the broken circle: a shape characterized by disjointed and suspended lines in rotation that are projected onto the surrounding natural space.



Cordero’s work of art retrieves the spiritual inharitance of eastern philosophies. In fact they claim that our vital centers represent the very spots where our well-being flow, creating a flux of energy that originates inside the self and ends up shaping the individual’s physical status.  According to those premises, Cordero’s sculpure intends to represent the vital source of the earth: through its armonious curves, it becomes a channel, a trait-d’union and a synolon betweeen the earth’s energy and the observer.



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