News from the vineyards – Harvest 2017

31/08/2017 Spirited

The summer of 2017 will be surely remembered for the outragious hot weather that more than once rose up to 40° Celsius during the day and no less than 30° at night. This scorching season has been characterised also by an almost complete lack of rain, following a trend established already in the spring. A severe night frost in May that hit several areas of the Chianti luckily spared our vineyards, but nonetheless the plants had to endure a tough season.

The weather conditions brought us to decide for a very early harvest, which in fact started in the second half of August. The dryness has unfortunately affected the quantity of harvested grapes, which are a little less than usual. Besides, given how continuously the grapes have been exposed to the beating sun, the percentage of sugar is higher than the average while the first labs show a proportionate alcoholic volume, definitely elevated. The good news is that the acidity levels are extremely promising, and therefore the vintage seems balanced and with good aging potential. The quality of the wine appears to be safe so far!

Some picture of the recent harvest here.

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