People and soil from Maremma

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15/04/2021 Spirited

Which factors influence and characterize our Maremma wines?

A perfect combination of soil and environmental elements. We are in Mongibello delle Mandorlaie, 10 km from the seaside, between 250 and 300 meters above sea-level. The soil where our vines grow is mostly made of sandstone rocks and it is rich in quartz. The subsoil’s origin is volcanic, as it is influenced by the compound of Mount Amiata, a dormant volcano not too far from our vineyards.

Its great soil and subsoil combined with biodiversity have always characterized the Maremma area, one of the most uncontaminated and fascinating places in Tuscany. Maremma has a very dynamic ecological-environmental biodiversity that we try to preserve with eco-friendly and sustainable choices, such as “sovescio” (green manure) or 100% biodegradable and ecological tying twines.

Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be possible without the contribution of our team in Maremma: Virginia, Laura, Elena, Jacopo and Doriano overseen by our agronomist Giovanni.

Thank you all for the great devotion and passion for your job!

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