03/11/2021 Spirited

Our main cellar – built in the middle of the nineties – is a modern structure that respects the classical architecture of the region. The cellar was developed with the aim of handling the grapes with the utmost respect and in the gentlest way possible.

Great respect is given to the different maturation periods of the different parcels and varieties, and all the grapes are harvested by hand using 20 kg cases. After a careful destemming and selection done with state of the art machinery, natural fermentation without added yeast starts in stainless steal tanks controlled only through temperature control.

After the malolactic fermentation, the wines are transferred into barrels, mainly tonneaux (500 l) and botti, for ageing. The type of barrel and length of the ageing (between 12-24 months) depends on the grape variety and wine.

Together with our consultant winemaker Carlo Ferrini we decide when and how to blend the different parcels and grape varieties to create our fine wines.

Once the different wines are bottled, the ageing continues in the bottles in our climate-controlled warehouse. The length of bottle aging depends on the wine and varies from minimum 3 month to one year. 

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