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Vinaccia di Nittardi
Grappa Annata

Vinaccia di Nittardi is distilled from the gently pressed fresh pomace of the Sangiovese grapes grown at Nittardi. In the same day that the juicy pulp is pressed, the pomace brought to the Distilleria Pilzer, a little family-run distillery in the Valle di Cembra close to Trento, where it is immediately distilled to approx. 70% alcohol. To achieve the desired alcohol content of 42%, Distilleria Pilzer distills and adds the pure water of the Cembra Valley. Finally, the grappa is filtered at a temperature of minus 8° C (17.6° F) and then filled in 0.7-liter bottles.

Vinaccia di Nittardi
Grappa Riserva

As with wine, so with grappa: differences in maturation result in sensorial distinctiveness. While the traditional and clear Vinaccia di Nittardi Annata is bottled after aging six months in stainless steel tanks, the golden-colored Riserva is aged a total of 24 months in finely grained and lightly toasted French oak barrels, thus allowing the taste to become both softer and rounder. Our Grappa Riserva is memorable for an outstanding elegance complimented by well-balanced floral and fruit aromas, fine traces of vanilla, and ripe, warm hints of oak.

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