James Ivory creates the 41st artist label of Casanuova di Nittardi, vintage 2021

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11/12/2023 Editorial

Here is the 41st artist label of Casanova di Nittardi “Vigna Doghessa” 2021, a pure expression of Sangiovese, to which the Femfert family has dedicated an art project since 1981. The “Vigna Doghessa,” a vocated vineyard that gives an authentic reading of the complexity of the place in terms of geomorphological richness and the response of the vines to a terroir that can itself be compared to a work of art, was chosen for this project. This vineyard, at 450 meters above sea level, well exposed and protected by a rich forested area has deep soil rich in marl and alberese, which give the wine a strong minerality and a pleasant freshness.
“The artist works with a blank sheet of paper and uses colors to represent reality, while the winemaker works with what nature makes available to him and which he cannot modify but only accompany and interpret in the best way possible through knowledge and creativity in the vineyard and cellar. In Nittardi art  tells about the wine and the label stops in time the emotions it generates,” Léon Femfert.

The 2021 vintage is created by Oscar-winning director and writer James Ivory, internationally known for his many films, including “Room with a View” set in Florence. A passion for Italy and Venice in particular is the common thread that leads back to the family’s Venetian origins. And it is with this origin in mind that James Ivory titled the label “I due Frari,” the Two Brothers. A lover of visual art from a very young age, to best dress Casanova by Nittardi 2021 Ivory made sophisticated use of the art of collage, also used with chromatic profluence for the silk paper “Homage to Matisse.”


Pictured on the label in profile are the two brothers Léon and Damiano Femfert, two faces of the same soul, framed in the warmest colors of the Chianti land, gold, blue and vermilion. For the first time the artist focuses on the family. Man becomes the protagonist of the label.
The colors chosen, red and yellow, describe precisely the powerful, impactful and sunny vintage.”

Indeed, 2021 was a vintage characterized by a good climatic balance, which is reflected in the subdued triumph of elegance of this wine. Characteristics that are reflected in the wine’s vibrant ruby red color, intensely perfumed with cherries, violets and notes of herbs and spices. The tannins are soft, giving silkiness to the wine and giving way to a long and incredibly persistent finish.

Casanova di Nittardi Vigna Doghessa 2021 turns out to be a pleasantly complex, dynamic wine that is as well telling of the winemaker’s dedication and ideas as a work of art can be. Nittardi’s Casanova is an emblem of the way we see wine for us at Nittardi: a highly professional process that unfolds like life, with creative and meditative spurts.

Wine is Culture, with a capital C, like art, cinema and poetry.